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Movie: More Than a Woman (2022) [Nollywood] PART 12

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More Than a Woman (2022) [Nollywood] PART 12

STARRING: Mike Godson, Chacha Eke Faani, Nobert Waski, Umeh Pascal, Urenna Juliet, Elvis Chibuike.

PRODUCED BY: Chukwuemeka Chiemerie.

DIRECTOR: Chikelue Okonkwo Chyko.

COMPANY: Demek Movies Ltd.

YEAR: 2022


We are the creative force of our life through our own decisions rather than our conditions. The truth can be hidden for sometime but surely, it cannot be hidden forever. And the greatest betrayal in life is being betrayed by the people you trust, love and care about the most. Watch Mike Godson and Chacha Eke in this interesting and well demonstrated family drama.


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