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Movie: Love In New World (2022) [Nollywood] PART 2

Written by Onatuga Oluwafemi

Love In The New World (2022) [Nollywood] PART 2

STARRING: Frederick Leonard, Destiny Etiko, Praise Gladson, Queen Okam, Ugezu J Ugezu, Ngozi Echems

PRODUCED BY: Hyacinth Onwuka

DIRECTED BY: Ugezu J Ugezu

COMPANY: Okija Amaka Production.

YEAR: 2022


It is unheard of in African culture that a woman goes proposing to a man. But Princess Ugonne (Destiny Etiko) , the only daughter of the king of Amanator kingdom; being in love with Okechukwu (Frederick Leonard) and having the right to get whatever she wants, proposed to him. Will her wish ever come true? Watch Frederick Leonard and Destiny Etiko in this extraordinary ground breaking royal masterpiece.


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