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Movie: Colours of Evil (2022) [Nollywood] PART 8

Colours of Evil (2022) [Nollywood] PART 8

STARRING: Frederick Leonard, Lizzy Gold, Onny Micheal, Mary uche, Ugezu J Ugezu, Philldella Yve, Peaxe John, Norbert Ezeanyi, Ekeremi P Eluweremi.

PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze.

DIRECTED BY: Ugezu J Ugezu.

COMPANY: Remmy Jes Production Ltd.

YEAR: 2022.


There are two different festivals in the kingdom of Umuebe; one is the Ritual Of The Maidens…..A ritual that makes the maidens of umuebe immune from the manipulation of men especially in relationships. And the second is the Title Taking……A title that makes whoever took it famous in the kingdom. But in these two occasions, Princess Afoma (Lizzy Gold) and Obiagu (Onny Micheal) have been disqualified from these two festivals for reasons untold. There is a saying that…. When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw. Watch as events unfold.


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