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Movie: Bleeding Throne (2020)

Written by Onatuga Oluwafemi

The circle of life moves us all through hope and despair, faith and love, agony, and distress until we find our place on the path unwinding. It is a war zone in the family of late king Hezekiah Akajioffor as prince Ifeanyi (Ken Erics) refuses to be king after the death of his father thereby turning down the opportunity of becoming a first-class king. Now it is a do or dies event as his wife, princess Sandra (Destiny Etiko) vows never to sit back and watch people take what rightfully belongs to her husband or stop her from becoming the next queen. Watch as events unfold in this action-filled, groundbreaking royal masterpiece.

STARRING: Ken Erics, Destiny Etiko, Dan Daniel, Nkechi Nnaji, Joseph Daniels, Ngozi Evuka, Nobert Waski Oguegbu, Raji Lawal.

PRODUCED BY: Anthony Okechukwu Nwatu

DIRECTED BY: Fidelis Okoh (ANMD)

COMPANY: Philmond Production Ltd.

YEAR: 2020



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